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Collaboration with Lulu Quinn

Video 9min 30sec

Spring 2021

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 11.53.10.png


During the Covid pandemic many community choirs resorted to Zoom to maintain and establish community singing online.


In 2021 two community choirs Vivacity and The House Choir came together through Zoom to explore a range of musical and visual expression giving voice to issues of isolation, fear, loneliness, technical frustration, innovation, perseverance, friendship, joy and hope during lockdown in the UK.


The Choir Sang Out Of Time is the result of this unique experience of two community choirs joining voices and visual expression with professional singers composers and dancers in a series of creative workshops in a variety of genres and styles. 


Project Co-ordinators, LuluQuinn and Julie Westerman

Project director and Video editor Lulu Quinn 

Drawings and Animation Julie Westerman

Supported by the Arts Council England

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